Sunchaser RV Awning Parts

Sunchaser RV Awning Parts

Looking for Sunchaser RV Awning parts? A&E Sunchaser Awnings are a very popular brand so many people have them and will from time to time need to replace parts that get broken, damaged or lost. Several models include the Sunchaser Awnings 7500, 8300, 8000, 8500, 9000, 8481000, and early Sunchaser models such as the 8350000, 8290000. This RV awning parts site has a few different replacement parts including some top and bottom brackets, awning arms and a few other Sunchaser Awning parts. The Dometic Awning website offers a parts list of Sunchaser Awning parts. It states when ordering parts, please include the: model number, product number, quantity, part number and description. Also for electric details also state the voltage and wattage. If you are looking to replace the Sunchaser RV awning fabric only, they have a color and pattern sheet to choose your replacement fabric for the awning.

You can ask additional questions by contacting Dometic Awnings through email at The Dometic Service Center Assistance number is 800-544-4881. The United States Service Office mailing address is Service Office, Dometic Corporation, 2320 Industrial Parkway, Elkhart, IN 46516. The direct line to the service office is 574-294-2511. The Canada office is Canada Dometic Corporation, 46 Zatonski, Unit 3, Brantford, ON N3T 5L8, CANADA. The phone number is 519-720-9578.

Sunchaser RV Awning Parts

Current Dometic A&E Sunchaser awning parts listings:

Dometic AE 8500 Sunchaser Universal Hardware Awning Canopy Tall Arm White RV
Dometic AE 8500 Sunchaser Universal Hardware Awning Canopy Tall Arm White RV

Dometic AE Awning 3314067004M Bottom Mounting Bracket for Sunchaser
Dometic AE Awning 3314067004M Bottom Mounting Bracket for Sunchaser

AE Dometic 3107942009 Sunchaser RV Awning Hardware Cap Kit
AE Dometic 3107942009 Sunchaser RV Awning Hardware Cap Kit

AE Awning Top Cap Sunchaser 3107942009 2 pack of 3311588000
AE Awning Top Cap Sunchaser 3107942009 2 pack of 3311588000

White Sunchaser Awning Hardware
White Sunchaser Awning Hardware

Dometic 3312931003S RV Sunchaser II Awning Hardware Kit
Dometic 3312931003S RV Sunchaser II Awning Hardware Kit


Sunchaser Top Bracket Replacement Kit for Dometic AE Awnings
Sunchaser Top Bracket Replacement Kit for Dometic AE Awnings

Dometic AE Awning 3308106000M Top Bracket Kit Assembly for Sunchaser
Dometic AE Awning 3308106000M Top Bracket Kit Assembly for Sunchaser

Sunchaser Awning Torsion Left Side 3108709779
Sunchaser Awning Torsion Left Side 3108709779

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If you do not find your Sunchaser awning parts either directly from Dometic or eBay, then list your part below - as thoroughly as possible, i.e., description and part number - and we will try to find a replacement for you.

Dometic Sunchaser RV Awning

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39 Responses to “Sunchaser RV Awning Parts”

  1. James said:

    I need just the innermost rafter arms (left and right), since both sets of claws are broken. The rest of the rafter arm assemblies are ok.

  2. Erich said:

    Windstorm damged my A&E Sunchaser Awning. Need to purchase both telescoping arms, with all hardware on these arms. Mounts at the base of the RV are good. Mounts at the top are broken. The awning fabric needs replacement. Model #8348×18.400 Serial #03886173 Product#558301578. Arms are white. Fabric is white with purple/blue accents. But I don’t care what color the awning is… tube and spring are fine. Awning fabric length is 16’9″. 2001 Coachman Catalina. Can you help? Thanks in advance for responding……

  3. RVAwning said:

    Erich – Have you checked Mark’s RV page for the arms? They also have a lot of the other small hardware and mounts. You can get awning replacement fabric directly from the Dometic Awning Parts page.

  4. Jason said:

    I have a Sunchaser Awning SER#03697793 SKU#9108573750…i need the bracket were the arm mounts to the bottom of the camper…i have pics if tht will help……thx jason

  5. Paula said:

    We had a bad rain storm and our awning broke. I am looking for a roller tube for a sunchaser, product # 958301580, model # 834EH20.401, A&E System, Dometic. The awnings still good. Thank goodness! Thanks for your help. Paula

  6. CRaig said:

    Looking for a replacement handle system that extends out the side arms to raise and lower the Awning. Sun chaser Model # 834AV17.401 Pin sheared off and the handle broke at the weak point Finger indentations. It is the gray handle on the side arms with the rubber covering on the handle and pop rivets on to the rail.

  7. Brent said:

    I need the lift handle for the side arm, same as Craig just above.

    Thanks Brent

  8. david said:

    i need right and left lift handle for the side arms

  9. Norman said:

    I need a complete awning,supports ,roller and fabric model # 834CU20.401 PRODUCT# 3958301580 Price and availability please

  10. Ronald said:

    Need roller tube or complete assembly for Sunchaser 802gu20.401b model

  11. Bonnie said:

    I am looking for the 3′ bracket arm section that slides into the main bracket arm that holds the roller unit for the awning. if you are facing
    the motor home, its the right side. We have a Sun Chaser model #834DS19.401

  12. Murray said:

    Require arm# 958302681 for a Sunchaser Awning # 958301576 and model 834AW16.401

  13. Don said:

    I need product # 958301571, model #834CU11.401, serial #51291206. I think the part # is 730377.002. This is for a Sunchaser awning. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Ron said:

    I need to get 2 of the plastic grey lift slider catches for my Sunchaser 8500. Any idea where I can get the parts?

  15. Troy said:

    I need a new or used roller tube for a Sunchaser Awning:
    Model# 834gu21.400 Product# 958500334 Serial# 81795417

  16. Linda said:

    I need the fabric roller tube for a Sunchaser awning. The product number might be 958500945, the model number is mostly unreadable, might be 834gu ends in a 401 for sure, serial number looks like 71975988, It is 17 feet 7 inches long and was assembled in Legacy on 05/11/07. Please let me know if and how we can get this product. We are planning on selling the trailer and need to replace this as soon as possible. All other parts are fine, but a rainstorm bent the roller tube and broke it so the roller needs to be replaced.

  17. Tammy said:

    Need replacement fabric only for Sunchaser Awning, Product 958301575 Model 834AV15.401 Please Advise

  18. Gary said:

    I broke a Hook Rafter Claw on my Dometic Awning. My paper work shows it is either a 8275000 or 8485000 Series Hardware. I do not know which one it is. 8500 Plus and 9000 Plus Sunchaser II FRTA is what’s on the paper work. Do I need just the claw or do I need to replace the arm. Inside the arm is some type of shock absorber? The color is like silver or a shinny gray.

  19. Dennis said:

    Trying find the retention clip for Sunchaser awning. The clip is at the top of the outside arm it’s gray and holds the inner sliding arm in place when you have adjusted it to your desired level. Thank you

  20. Aaron said:

    Looking to replace the part that slide inside the main support and locks into place at the top. The AE Sunchasing awning product number is 958301557 and model #33475334

  21. Randy said:

    Sunchaser product number – 958477334
    Sunchaser model number – 802GU18.401B
    Sunchaser serial number – 71866244

  22. Clinton said:

    I am looking for replacement fabic for my 1996 5th wheel awning. It is an A&E system by Dometic product#958301572, model#834BU12.400, serial# 61315506.

  23. Dean said:

    When I roll out my awning its wants to roll back up, is there some kind of locking device to have it stay rolled out. If so what is it called and where can I purchase it.

    Thanks Dean

  24. Dineen Richards said:

    I have a sunchaser awning that was destoyed in a storm. Product No. 958477334 Model No. 802Gu18.401B Serial Number is 93495734. I need hardware and all. Could you tell me where I need to go to buy one. Thank you.

  25. Werner Wolsiffer said:

    Dear Sir: We lost our operating instructions for our SunChaser awning on our travel trailer.

    Would you have an instruction sheet, you could send to my e-mail. I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you

    Werner or Inge Wolsiffer

  26. RVAwning said:

    @Werner: What is the name or model# of your Sunchaser awning?

  27. Glenn Augustine said:

    I have a Dometic awning made in LaGrange Il. Date of maf. 10/19/07 Product # 95846721, Model # 916GP19.001B, S/N 74283084. It came with my 2008 Dutchmen Danali. I need to replace it. It is coming apart at the anchor point on the wall of the RV. All other parts of the Awning system work just fine. Any idea what this will cost? Now, to repeat, I just need the Replacement Fabric awning material, ready to go. I have not replaced an Awning Fabric so this will be my first time. I am a member of Good Sam. Regards, Glenn Augustine

  28. Theresa Mejias said:

    I am looking for parts for my sunchaser awning product number 958518132 model number 802GN21.401B I need the rounded brackets and the arms. I have been told by a local rv place that they no longer make these parts. Could you help me in finding somewhere I could possibly buy these parts? Thank you. Theresa Mejias

  29. JimK said:

    A bad rain storm bent the roller tube on my Sunchaser awning model# 834AV17.401. The tube is 17′ long

    Also need both telescoping arms with hardware – new or used


  30. Kim densmore said:

    Need roller that the cloth is in broke in middle plus the bracket on bottom that holds the white arm sunchaser domestic model 834eh 21 401. Produce 959301591

  31. Jim Stevens said:

    I am in need of part# 730377.002 slider for my sunchaser(dometic) awning, any help of where to purchase would be greatly appreciated

  32. Rick said:

    Looking for original replacement telescoping arms and rafters, prefer new for my A&E Sunchaser. Original part number is
    8271004.401B. Need new mounting hardware also. Arms currently in the folded position are 79 1/4 from top of arm to latch point when retracted

  33. Garland Compton said:

    Need a hook rafter claw it goes onto torsion rod both sides needed. Have Dometic Sunchaser 11

  34. Pat Malone said:

    I need replacement fabric for my awning on my camper 834AX18.400
    I think i want the teal shadow.
    Please send me a price or a way to look at them.
    Thanks Pat

  35. John Cromack said:

    Was replacing my awning fabric and noticed that the
    plastic flanged bushings on the outside ends of the torsion
    bar assembly end caps were cracked and broken. Torsion
    bar part numbers are right 3108709761 and left 3108709779
    Can just the bushings be replaced and where can they be

  36. Mike said:

    I need a complete Leg and Rafter for 1 side is this the number for it?

  37. Wally Hinds said:

    I am looking for two Rafter Claws for a Dometic, A&E Sunchaser ll patio awning.
    A&E 9000 Series
    Part No. 801GF16.400B
    MFG No. 958332290
    The Number on one of the arms is: MFG No. 8485000.402B
    All I need is the Rafter Claws, I do not need the arms.
    Thank you for your help.

  38. Ed said:

    need the roller tube assembly due to being bent by a storm when not around. Model is 834AV18.401 Product number is 958301578 serial is 41398459 manufactured 4/1/04 in La Grange. Thanks

  39. Brian said:

    I am looking for a replacement awning for a sunchaser, product # 958301580, model # 834EH20.401, A&E System, Dometic. Thanks in advance

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