RV Awning Replacement | Carefree, A&E, Dometic, More

RV Awning Replacement | Carefree, A&E, Dometic, More

RV awning replacement is not too hard of an undertaking if you can find the right awning fabric and/or parts and hardware, depending upon how much of an awning replacement is needed. If you are only looking to replace the awning fabric itself, it will cost anywhere between $150-$300 depending on the size of the fabric you are replacing.

If you have a metal weather guard, or HI-LO and pop-up camper trailers, some RV awning replacement fabrics will not fit, so make sure if the description does not say one way or the other, to ask the manufacturer or dealer if it will. If you cannot find a replacement directly from the original manufacturer OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer), for example A&E, Carefree or Dometic, then you may be able to find generic or universal fabric and parts that will fit your original RV awning.

62418 RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric 18 Ocean Blue Fade
62418 RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric 18 Ocean Blue Fade

62618 RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric 18 Grey Fade
62618 RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric 18 Grey Fade

Note: If you are looking for A&E fabric only, then go to our A&E Awning Replacement Fabric page first.

If you are able to purchase motorhome awning replacement fabric or parts directly from the original manufacturer, you will need to get the model and hardware parts numbers from your awning. These are usually inscribed directly on the awning and parts themselves. Go out and write them down now so you will have them when placing an order.

When purchasing universal replacement fabrics, you will find that many have the main canopy fabric separate from the valance in order to fit different kinds of roller tube configurations. Look for heavy-duty replacement fabrics that have a weatherguard vinyl protective layer to shield the awning when it is rolled up in the storage position.

You will need to take some exact measurements before ordering generic replacement fabric. Many companies will not allow you to return an item once ordered and is non-refundable. Some will not even let you cancel an awning once placed, so as they say, measure twice to be sure. Typical measurements include the width of the RV awning, is measured as the distance from the centerline of one awning arm to the centerline of the other arm. These size method measurements may differ from one company to the next, so again check directions for determining size and ask questions before ordering.  Some options in case you just want to start over and get a brand new RV awning...

A&E 9100 Power Awning - The 9100 Awning extends and retracts with the touch of a button inside your RV. No need to lift the hardware - a real plus on 5th wheels with basement storage. Knee Action design lets the awning fabric and hardware flex in moderate wind to prevent damage, and lets you walk out either end of the awning without having to duck your head. Its contemporary styling offers radius edges for a sleek appearance. The 12-volt motor is tucked inside the roller tube for a clean look and moisture protect.

Add-a-Room for 12-Volt Awnings - 12' Flat Pitch - The Add-A-Room designed for Carefree's Eclipse and Travel'r patio awnings feature heavy-duty reinforced vinyl fabric, privacy panels, and a new set-up zipper "key" that slides easily into the roller tube, allowing for easy and fast set-up of the front panel. The Add-A-Room turns your Travel'R or Eclipse into a spacious private room. Roll up the privacy panels for fresh air, roll them down for complete seclusion. Great for extra storage too. Both steep and flat pitch models are totally reversible.

So when searching for RV awning replacement parts or fabric, first take down your model numbers and measurements, then go directly to your awning manufacturer website and see if your awning can be replaced from there first. If not, go to a universal RV awning site where they can replace your parts with very carefully taken measurements.

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9 Responses to “RV Awning Replacement | Carefree, A&E, Dometic, More”

  1. Harold said:

    We have a 2006 Fleetwood Revolution LE 40. While backing into a rv space a couple of days ago, I snagged the Carefree Awning by the very end at the rear of awning. It tore off the top piece of plastic on the top of the extension arm which the roller fits into.This piece fits over the top and connects the arm to the roller. Is there a fix for this? I will appreciate any info you can provide.

  2. Nathan said:

    I have a 2005 16 ft A&E Dometic awning with a plastic removable cap on the crank side that is cracked. It clips on and appears to be a generic plastic cover that does no more than protect the end of the awning. My RV is a 2005 Tan IE280 Dynamax Isata.

  3. Jerry said:

    I need just the material so that I can slide out the old awning and put in the new. I have a SunChaser made by Dometic. Model # is 834AV19.401 SN # 23596681

  4. Ed said:

    I need just the material. I have a dometic model #848p15.500 SN#81728046

  5. Jim said:

    I have a Forest River 1610 tent trailer with one of the awnings and the bag that holds it to the trailer is starting to decay. It is 2001 tent trailer.

  6. Mike Crawford said:

    Hello, I am looking for pricing and availability for two A&E RV awnings. They are for the slide outs. Product no. 958303153 – model no. 86101CQ.0061 – Ser. no. B32973452…white qty. one // Product no. 958302142 – model no. 86101CQ.1521 – Ser. no. B32973453…white qty. one.

    Thank you

  7. Betty Connally said:

    I have a 2001 Fleetwood 5th Wheel and I need to replace the fabric only. It’s for Model #8270000Series Nested Hardware (SunChaser by Dometic. I believe the measurement is for 20′. I will take the measurement before I order.

  8. Doug Godbehere said:

    I have a carefree awning I believe the model # BN3N4.
    At at the bottom of my support arms where it latches onto the trailer. They are cracked. What do I do about this. Can I just replace those parts.

  9. Deborah LaChica said:



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