Motorhome Awning

Motorhome Awning

What do you need to look for when purchasing a motorhome awning? You want your rv awning to provide shade and a sheltered area. This way you can sit and relax in the cool shade during the hot part of the day or even be outside during a drizzling rain. What is nice about an awning is that it not only provides a cool area immediately outside your RV to enjoy, but it also cools off the inside temperature of your RV, as much as 15 degrees or more.  If you purchase an awning, you want it to last and not have to repair it often or within a short while actually have it entirely replaced. So you will want to get an awning that is made of long-lasting, durable material.  You will also want an awning that is easy to install, put up and take down without too much effort.

Your motorhome awnings is permanently attached to the side of your RV and will be opened and closed either manually or you can buy one that is more expensive with a motor in it that is opened by pushing a button. If you really do not want to mess with opening and closing the awning and want the ease of automation, then you may want to consider getting a motorized retractable awning.  Some even have anemometers installed on them which will measure the wind speed while the awning is up and if the winds get too strong, the threshold set by you, the awning will automatically retract!  This is especially a good feature to have when no one is attending the RV. Otherwise you should always close your awning when you are away because in high winds, not only could the winds damage your awning, but could potentially flip your entire RV over. Another consideration is that you can also lose your awning while riding down the road. To avoid this, be sure to install an awning lock to prevent the roller tube and awning from unfurling.

Motorhome awning fabric is either made from acrylic or vinyl material. They come in several weights or thickness levels including 12 oz. or 15 oz., the higher the weight, the more durable and lasting the fabric will be.  Some awing brands will use single-weight, single-piece canopy fabric.  It is better to get two-piece construction which will offer superior weather-resistance and durability compared to single-weight.  It is also good to have a weather-guard wrap made from aluminum to protect the fabric from wear and tear while traveling.

Motorhome Awnings

These are some motorhome awning favorites.

Breezeway Screen Room - Available in 15' to 21' Sizes
Exclusive heavy-duty screen fabric and zippers for years of use. Sturdy side panel support rafters with brackets provide a better, stronger seal - the room does not attach to the awning canopy. Three-foot zippered door can be placed on either end of the front panel. Features include grommets reinforced with webbing, nickel-plated twist fasteners to secure side panels and skirting and one storage bag. Tall 35" white vinyl skirting with sliding eyelets for flexible attachment to coach. Fits most straight-side RVs with awning rail to ground measurement of 92"-125" tall. Fits Carefree Spirit, Fiesta, Simplicity or Dometic/A&E, Carter and Faulkner models. Add on options include Snapless Upgrade Kit and Hard Side Screen Door.

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The Patty O'Room

Universal design fits most patio awnings. Position door right or left. Heavy-duty vinyl coated reinforced fabric panels and skirting with nonflammable fiberglass screen attach easily and securely. Includes the front panel, 2 side panels, skirting, wheel well covers, 2 spring-tension mounting poles, privacy panels, hardware and storage bag.

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We know you will enjoy your motorhome awning for years to come. If you have any questions, please ask below. Or if you have purchased an RV awning, please share your opinions, good or bad, with us too!

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