Carefree of Colorado RV Awning Parts

Carefree of Colorado RV Awning Parts

Looking for Carefree of Colorado RV Awning Parts?  Whether you have one of their new products such as the Paramount, Vacation'r, Weekend'r, Pioneer, Freedom Roof Mount, Ascent, Travel'r, SOK III Slideout Cover or an older model finding RV awning replacement parts can sometimes be challenging. You can first try to contact the Carefree of Colorado Customer Support through email at to see if they can find your RV awning part for you. You can also try to contact your local Carefree of Colorado dealer by using the search form on that page. If you need to have a complete Carefree of Colorado RV awning fabric replacement, they have a variety of awning fabrics in various colors including vinyl, polyweave, acrylic and RV awning replacement fabric for windows, slideouts and full view awnings.

If Carefree of Colorado cannot supply your needed part nor direct you to an alternative source, then you may have to do some searching on your own and perhaps try some OEM parts from RV awning part dealers that can be found online, locally or even on eBay. We have listed what is currently available on eBay right now through sellers below.

Carefree of Colorado RV Awning Parts

Here are current eBay listings for Carefree of Colorado awning parts. You may need to do some further searching for your specific needed replacement parts.

RV Camper Trailer Carefree of Colorado Travelr 17 Awning Canopy Fabric
RV Camper Trailer Carefree of Colorado Travelr 17 Awning Canopy Fabric

Carefree of Colorado 550551 White Window Awning Hardware
Carefree of Colorado 550551 White Window Awning Hardware

CAREFREE OF COLORADO RV Awning Canopy Fabric Replacement 18 FOOT NEW
CAREFREE OF COLORADO RV Awning Canopy Fabric Replacement 18 FOOT NEW

Awning Pull Cane for Roll Up Awnings by Carefree of Colorado
Awning Pull Cane for Roll Up Awnings by Carefree of Colorado


Carefree of Colorado 351017925 Freedom 25M 8 5 Ocean Blue Wall Mount Awning
Carefree of Colorado 351017925 Freedom 25M 8 5 Ocean Blue Wall Mount Awning




RV Camper Trailer Carefree of Colorado Travelr 12 6 Awning Canopy Fabric
RV Camper Trailer Carefree of Colorado Travelr 12 6 Awning Canopy Fabric


Current RV awnings for patios on travel trailers include the Eclipse, Travel'r,  Pioneer, Spirit FX, Fiesta, Simplicity Plus, Freedom Wall Mount and Freedom Roof Mount.

For motorhome RV awnings there are the Paramount, Apex, Mirage, Eclipse, Travel'r, Pioneer, Fiesta, Spirit FX, Simplicity Plus as well as the Freedom Wall and Roof Mount.

For the folding camping trailer RV awning, there is the Campout, the best bag awning for folding camping trailers and the 12V Pop-Up Camper Lift which raises your camper in less than a minute.

For the truck camper rv awning there is the Fiesta, Simplicity Plus and the Freedom Roof and Wall Mount.

Most of the above also have related companion awnings, slideout RV awnings and RV window covers.

Carefree of Colorado Demonstration of the Paramount 3-Stage Electric RV Awning, and Ascent Slideout Awning at the National RV Trade Show:

If you do not find your Carefree of Colorado RV awning parts either directly from Carefree or eBay, then list your part below - as thoroughly as possible, i.e., description and part number - and we will try to find a replacement for you.

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52 Responses to “Carefree of Colorado RV Awning Parts”

  1. Steve said:

    I have a 26’Outback and the 18′ awning fabric roller tube is distroyed…I have all parts except for Fabric and tube.. can’t seem to find the tube..any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks…

  2. Mike said:

    I need to replace the slide awning on my bedroom, 2004 Monaco Diplomat motorhome, complete unit. Can you help me?
    Thanks, Mike

  3. Viktor said:

    Hello, I am trying to locate a Carefree awning R00924 White (Rear spring for 20? awning)
    Do you have them in stock, price and how long to ship?
    Thanks, Viktor

  4. dennis scholtz said:

    I’m trying to find the end cap to my carefree electric awning on my Jaco feather trailer. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, dennis

  5. Tom said:

    We have a BN3N4 Carefree awning. The tube locking cable and end fittings has broken. Also, one of the plastic handles to lock the lower support has come off the screw.
    I need both of these. Do you have them? Price and availability.

  6. Charlotte said:

    I am looking for a 5th wheel roof mount awning (mounting brackets) and a add a room to fit it.

  7. Nick said:

    We have a Onetouch with bent upper arm on the none morter end on an 04 Monco Knight.

  8. Joe said:

    Help PLEASE, I have a 14ft Carefree Omega 11 awning without horseshoe end caps or aluminum horseshoe assembly cover. Definitely need end caps.
    Also, how is the spring assembly replaced. This model is on a 03 Monaco Executive – Monaco Parts has none of the parts nor does Carefree of Col. factory. The key is they do not make a combi slideout and window cover anymore. The coach is 7+ years old. Are these expensive coaches disposable?
    Any and all help is appreciated, Joe

    Used parts are as good as new.

  9. Kenneth said:

    I have a one touch awning with bent arms. These arms are not available from Carefree. The Numbers on the arms are: DT:2317, PN: SP0926-02.

  10. Jim said:

    I need to replace the roller tube and awning, made by Carefree of Colorado, on my 28ft. Allegro Star Motorhome. Are they in stock and what cost? Thank You

  11. BrucE said:

    The awning on a motorhome I just bought has a Carefree of Colorado “Freedom” awning. It is 8′ long, I cannot read any other information on the label, mod# etc. It seems to be in great shape. It has self storing upright supports. When I cranked it out and set it up it worked fine two or three times. The last time I tried to crank it in it wouldn’t crank in and the screw assembly came apart, It is broken. I need to replace it. It is attached by three screws. Can you help me? Thank You.

  12. david said:

    We have a 2008 monaco diplomat, the door awning is electric, worked fine for a while. now will not roll in with the electric, we believe there must be a pin or gear that fell out or broke or stripped, none the less we are in need of a diagram or the pieces to glue it back together, thanks for the words of wisdom and or stuff, to repair.

  13. Lee said:

    I am in need of a upper brace with top bracket Assembly (50″) part #169008. The offset part that connects to the bracket with a floating pin is broken.
    Is there any motor home salvage yards that I can contact to maybe find this part ?
    Thanks one and all.

  14. Charlotte said:

    Do you carry the rv roof mount awning? ALso will a ad a room fit on it?

  15. denise said:

    we have a carefree awning. the model # is BN3N4. we would like to get the owners/operators manual.

  16. RVAwning said:

    Here is a link to Carefree of Colorado RV Awning Manuals. Once you choose your mode on that page, scroll to the bottom of the page it takes you too and a link to the owner’s manual will be there along with other technical specifications for the awning.

  17. RVAwning said:

    Here is the link to the Carefree Freedom Roof Mount Awning and the Add-A-Room.

  18. Gary said:

    I have a carefree one touch awning and I am looking for part number 262664, description- carriage lower one touch.
    Anyone know where I can get this part? Tried Carefree and they no longer make this part or have any.

  19. RON said:

    Need to replace the idler arm (left side arem) for the Eclipse Awning white in color.

  20. shannon said:

    Hi, I’m looking for the gear assembly for the silver cased Freedom LB from Carefree of Colorado. I’ve been in contact with the manufacturer and it is no longer made. They said I needed to find it through an rv salvage dealer. Any suggestions. I’ve had no luck as of yet. Thank you

  21. Gary said:

    I have a 2004 holiday rambler with a carefree of Colarado one touch power awning. In the arm with motor on it I have two parts that have broke and cannot fin replacement parts. I called carefree and they no longer have that part as manufacturer went out of business .
    One part is a plastic piece on lower arm that holds the strap that goes to motor when retracting or extending. Other part is a shock on second arm. Please let me know if you can find these parts. I also have pictures but have no way to attach them.
    Thank you,

  22. Larry said:

    We have a ’02 Jayco Designer 32′ with a Carefree of Colorado Fiesta awning. The remote end at top has broken that changes the direction of travel on roller. Don’t know part # but would like to know where one can be purchased. Thanks, Larry

  23. dave said:

    Do you have parts for my Carefree of Colorado camper awning. I need the left or non lever end recoil spring. The camper is a 2003 model kz 1702.

  24. Paul said:

    I have Carefree One Touch Beltline Arms for sale. Asking $600.00 Pewter color. Never used still in original box. Las Vegas.

  25. Eugene said:

    I need a part for my Carefree of Colorado Awning Model #BN3N4.The part is a plastic piece 36 3/8inches long.It is used to lock and unlock the awning for opening and closing.It fits into a groove on the support arm.

  26. D. K. said:

    I have a 1991 Chevy Roadtrek with a 12′ Carefree Sidewinder II awning. I need the hardware(brackets) to mount it back onto the side of my camper van. There are 3 brackets, 2 of the same size and one slightly smaller. They attach to the awning and then mounts along the drip rail on the side of the vehicle. Can any one help? thanks

  27. Allen said:

    I have a 2008 Phaeton motor home and was closing the awning over the door when the motor stripped and the awning unrolled. We had to tie-wrap it in the tube until we got home. I’m looking for Part# 8905610JVDP. Description Marquee OTD, 055″ 4630, PBL, TFN – I hope you can help me find the motor.

  28. Paul said:

    I am trying to sell never used in box, 2001 one touch awning arms. Includes all insturction booklets, One touch belt line pewter color 67
    Part DNOP36-67. Carefree colorado. Las Vegas, NV area. $700.00 or offer. no fabric

  29. Frank said:

    I am looking for Carefree Awninig Part #R001251. It is a shim for the over the door awning on a Motorhome.

  30. JC said:

    How much is a LH Carefree arm assembly. Wind damage.

  31. Dennis said:

    I recently purchased a used 2003 36’Monaco Camelot. On a recent trip, the metal cover flew off and the awning shredded before I could find a place to pull off. This is the awning over the drivers side living room slideout. I am a Camping World member and tried to enter the “awning makeover” contest without success. Can you provide me with info as to a dealer that can repair this or how to enter the contest. I live in the 95350 area code in California.

  32. Dereck said:

    I have a 26′ eclipse, and the 18′ awning roller tube has snapped in the middle after 1 night, where can i get a new roller tube? and how much? thanks.

  33. Bob said:

    I need to replace the carefree slide covers on my you sell direct?

  34. Gino said:

    Am I able to get parts here in Perth for carefree colarado?
    I need a right arm extension arm. Wind damage to arm.

  35. Ray said:

    I have a 1978 Starcraft Chevy van motorhome. This motor home has a carefree of Colorado awning but that’s all the info I have. I am in need of a spring and cap end, can you help me. Thank you in advance.

  36. david said:

    need two locking handles for lower arms

  37. Mike said:

    Need drive motor, no. on part is CSD71P1,D.C.12V, KX

  38. robert said:

    i am looking for endcaps for my travelr fixed pitch awning motorend striped out will not roll up.

  39. Darrell said:

    I am looking for a service and repair type manual for my Carefree of Colorado-Spirit. I purchased a used motor home and there is no manual for this. Currently the tube will not retract. I would like to see what is inside before I remove the end cap. Can you help?

  40. joe said:

    Hello, I need a carefree of colorado part left side patio arm part #R001092-100-66. Can you give me a price? thanks joe

  41. jim said:

    looking for Carefree of Colorado part # 249160, support arm mounting bracket. black..

  42. Gary said:

    I have a 2007 Alfa SeeYa SOOlong looking for the complete Bedroom Slideout cover Carefree of Colorado Part# PF060820019 Please all help will be greatly appreciated

  43. Dennis mennenger said:

    I am trying to locate the lower slide bracket for the rear arm on a model dt 0203 carefree of Colorado awning

  44. donald jamieson said:

    i own a 2004 jayco 3100ss class c motorhome. I need a replacement part for my carefree ne-touch awning the manuel in the left corner has the number 052930e-002 i dont know if thats the model number or not.I need a parts list for my awning . Can you help me. Thanks Don

  45. bill renfroe said:

    looking for slide cover end caps for carefree of colorado.

  46. Bob Williamson said:

    Could you please advise the cost and availability of a replacement awning fabric to suit a 21′ Carefree of Colorado awning in the blue fade colour. The awning is fitted to a 25′ Jayco Heritage
    Thanks & regards

  47. Jim Marin said:

    Hello, I have a carefree LB freedom awning on our vantare motorcoach with color 4751 it needs a replacement acrylic fabric please help me.
    The electric awning is 18 feet long. Regards, Jim Marin

  48. Wayne said:

    The sticker on the back says:
    Carefree of Colorado
    Dt: 4315
    PN: QF036MA24R
    This is an electric blind for the driver’s side of the C Monaco (2005). I need the end caps that attach the blind to the ceiling as both ends are broken.

  49. Ron Denhem said:

    Looking for carefree Fiesta BN3N4 non locking right side spring assembly.
    thanks Ron

  50. Ron said:

    Need side awning sliding arms on bn3n4 15 ft

  51. Carl Dulin said:

    i have a 2005 holiday rambler and the endcap on the bedroom slide topper broke. All i knpw is that it is a Carfree of Colorado slide topper and it fits into the wind guard area?

  52. Casey Speas said:

    Have a Carefree of Colorado BN3N4 side awning on a Lance 821 that needs a new connector (spring assembly – part 21 in the diagnostic blowout)…The awning is still rolled up, but the pin/spring or rod on the front (closest to the driver door (when looking at the awning mounted on the camper as if you were going to pull it out, it is the left side that broke right at the pin/rod that goes into the tube the other end is fine)…Can you tell me what part I need to order?

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