New and Used Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are the UK or European or Australian version of a US travel trailer or RV awning.  So we don't leave anyone out, we have dedicated this page to discussing popular brands of caravan awnings, tips for installation, where to buy used caravan awnings and other sources they are for sale. These type of awnings seem to be more of adding on a room and Read more

2014 Parks, Campgrounds and Services Directory

This guide book for 2014 RV parks, campgrounds and services from Trailer Life is extremely detailed and includes everything you would want to know when on the road RVing. It is very easy to use and organized well with quick access to states by identifying tabs. Colored maps are large and easy to read. The only con seems to be the advertisements. Some people seem to not mind while Read more

RV Awning Fabric Cleaner and Protector

Using rv awning fabric cleaner regularly will not only keep your awning looking clean and nearly new, but also protect it from the elements and make it last longer before you have to either do some either awning repair or eventually full awning replacement. The sun's ultraviolet rays will wear down awning fabric, making it thinner and susceptible to tears. Just having your awning out in the weather - rain, possibly snow and wind will make it Read more

RV Awning Fabric

Eventually you will need RV awning fabric to replace awnings that are unrepairable because of very large tears or holes or simply because it has become so worn over the years from the sun, wind, rain and perhaps even snow that you can nearly see through it - which kind of defeats the purpose of having an awning!  Awning fabric most likely has improved since you purchased your original awning and this time will probably last much longer. This is especially true of Carefree of Colorado Read more

Sunchaser RV Awning Parts

Looking for Sunchaser RV Awning parts? A&E Sunchaser Awnings are a very popular brand so many people have them and will from time to time need to replace parts that get broken, damaged or lost. Several models include the Sunchaser Awnings 7500, 8300, 8000, 8500, 9000, 8481000, and early Sunchaser models such as the 8350000, 8290000. This RV awning parts site has a few different replacement parts including Read more

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